The Beginning

Every story has a beginning. Mine isn’t all that exciting or interesting, but it’s all I have. It’s a short and sweet story of someone who was frustrated with how they looked, felt, and moved.

I’d had jobs all through university where I was on my feet and moving a lot. I was able to drink socially on the weekends, eat out at restaurants all the time, and basically not think about the gym or what I was eating. Then I got my desk job. I kept my lifestyle as it was, but without the constant movement of my old shift work, my weight started to creep up and my fitness level started to deteriorate.

By 2010, I found I wasn’t happy with my appearance. My clothes were didn’t fit well and I had difficulty taking stairs without being winded. There were other signs that things were off. I had no energy, my mood was pretty down in the dumps, and I just lacked motivation to do anything.

In March, I decided enough was enough and signed up at the gym. I may go into detail later about how I chose the one I did, but in the end I was signed up and committed to go.

At first I tried classes and doing some machines on my own. I wanted to improve my muscle strength as well as my cardio. The biggest challenge I had was that the classes were at such a time I’d have to go home first. I lived on the 25th storey of my apartment building which ended up being a really good excuse for me to not go to the gym. Things pretty much stalled there.

I needed new motivation, a kick in the butt as it were, and I decided to sign up for personal training. I felt I didn’t have the knowledge to properly design a work out for myself so I sought out a resource to help me. My first trainer was not very good, had me eating all the wrong things, etc. and was soon laid off from her role. I was then paired with Mel. She’s the perfect balance for me because she listens to what frustrates me to help me find ways to make my work outs work for me. I have quirks in my body and she’s great at adapting my exercises around those quirks. On top of that, she takes all my whining with a smile and helps me push through all my negative thoughts. Eternal sunshine when I need it most.

We’ve been training together for one and a half years and I’ve learned so much. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some of what I’ve learned with you all, now.


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