The Implications of a Ketogenic Lifestyle

Food for thought about the effect of grain-based products on our overall health and well-being.

the primeval tongue

When approaching the ketogenic lifestyle, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by monetary, social and physical implications that can feel somewhat prohibitive or de-motivational, especially when first starting out. For many people, food is an integral part of their cultural and social heritage, and for many people, that act of altering or giving up that part of themselves can be frightening. I, for one, am a lover of craft beer and neapolitan-style pizza. They are, in reality, my comfort foods, and they are foods from my social heritage I felt most sad about giving up. Because my cultural heritage lies somewhere between Scandinavian and “golly-gee” Northern Minnesotan, many foods that are prominent in my family circle revolve around potatoes, battered and fried foods, cheesy pastas, and loads of delightful sweets that tempt the palate while deceiving the hips. As with any lifestyle change, there are many things that one must keep…

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