[Re-Blog] 5 Reasons Why Running is NOT the answer to fat loss

I’ve had this almost exact discussion with many friends, family members, and fellow runners over the past few years. It was one of the first things I had a challenge with when I started training for my races. My trainer and I work on solely muscle/resistance training when I’m amping up the running distances which also helps when my body might turn to muscle as a fuel for running instead of fat (since it wants to store it as explained in the post). Great advice and thoughts on better ways to focus on your body fat levels!

“It’s so frustrating!! I run every day, but I just can’t burn the fat off!”
This came from a new client of mine last week; someone who had struggled with bodyfat levels for some time. (and before I go on, I do have her permission to write this)
So this good spirited, fairly motivated lady had devised a weight loss routine based around lots of running, and not a lot thought. She’d put so much mental and physical energy into these daily runs, and whilst she had a good level of endurance, she was still struggling with the weight.

She continued to explain her thinking behind it: “well, I figured, the more I ran, the more fat I’d burn.”
I replied by saying “this sounds logical enough, but the body doesn’t quite work like this. In fact, while you might be working really hard in running, you could be doing…

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