March 28 – Lower

A lower body work out. As before, repeat each group of exercises 3 times.

Group 1
Squat Jumps: 30 reps
Calf Raises: 30 reps
Lunge Jumps: 30 reps
Box Jumps: 30 reps – note: try to land without making noise and with the whole foot on the surface.

Group 2
Step-Up – Glute Extension – Lunge: 15 reps each side. Start facing the middle of the bench and place one foot all the way on it. Step up, keeping the weight over the heel and using the glute to pull yourself up. Straighten without placing the other foot on the bench and contract the glute straight back (not to the side or turned out and avoid allowing the pelvis or torso to tip forward). Slowly lower yourself down, in a controlled manner, and continue back (with the foot you used to step up onto the bench) into a backwards lunge. Contract with your glutes to rise up out of the lunge and move right back into the next step up. At no point should both feet be stationary next to each other. The movement should be smooth from one exercise to the next.
Plank Leg Lifts: 10 reps each side
Hamstring Curls: 30 lbs with 12 reps – note: be sire to not lift your butt or lower body off the machine and avoid arching your back.